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Maintenance and Protection program

I would like you to consider keeping your home looking like new and freshly painted. I would like to introduce you to my maintenance and protection program (MPP). The way this works is this.  If, within the first year after your house gets painted by Alpha Omega Painting, you sign up there is no charge. What we do is annually power wash your house and deck, (decks may have an additional cost) if so equiped, for you this would be @ a discounted rate. This is the primier program. Anyone can have this service just the cost for maintaining will vary with existing paint jobs. By having this done you will keep that fresh painted look and more.  I will inspect for paint failures and repair such items due to poor workmanship, at no cost.  Secondly, I will bring to your attention items not due to painting related procedures. Finally, make recommended corrections to items that could shorten the expected life of the paint job. And of course I would advise on any other problems that I encouter.

We can keep an eye out for potential areas of concern,  while keeping the exterior looking fresh, we could also clean walkways and concrete at the same time. Consider this service and call Doug for more details.


Tough economic times

In times like this, when many contractors are out of work, prices are at bargain basement levels.  Don’t be fooled though, fixed business costs haven’t changed, gas certainly isn’t any cheaper, nor is food.  The wage of course is the area that takes the hit. Times like this makes it difficult for tradesmen who are rich in experience. They compete with out of work people who may not necessarily have the experience and qualifications to complete the job professionally. 

I guess the bottom line is don’t just look at price and think that you can get it done for a lot less. Chances are if the price is way low it is because you have someone without the real experience and knowledge to complete a professional job.

Choose a qualified Company with a good history and many years of experience and enjoy years of job well done.

New Colors

Parker paint has a new color system.  If you are selecting new paint colors for either interior or exterior painting you may want to get into any Parker Paint Store and see if you can find one of their new colors to do the job.  Paint stores come out with new systems occasionally to keep up with changing color trends in decorating, colors are coordinated across most industries like cars and furniture fabrics.

Help the painter

One of the questions that I am asked quite often for interior painting is “how can I help”.  I usually ask my customers to remove pictures and hangings from the walls.  Items that are on top of desks and furniture that I will move.  I especially like the owner to take down or handle the delicate possessions like china and keepsakes that are easily broken.  I don’t want to be responsible, or have to replace items like that. Getting as much small furniture out of the room to be painted is also quite helpful.  It would be great if all items could be removed although I know that is not usually possible. We also need to unplug most items from the walls so that would help.  We figure the price, or cost, based on the amount of time it will take.  The more a person can do to help the lower the cost.  Its also a good time to clean switch and plug covers.  Sometimes the paint is still fresh when we leave and if the customer could clean the covers and reinstall in the morning that would be good also.  Other related items include cold air return grills and hot air grills, which I usually advise on painting.

These are just some things that I have found myself repeatedly advising my customers on. I hope you can use this.

Welcome to Fall

Welcome to fall. We all thought we were going from summer to winter and skipping fall.  Slam! The rain came and that was going to be that.  Steve Poole said, “Well folks, that’s the last of the 80 degree days.” Well I wonder what he would say if we rewound the tape now.  We were sweating in those 80 degree days, busily painting those houses, not unheard of in September.  In fact, October is typically a good month as well. We will be keeping busy this month with exterior work.