Well, we all thought summer was over a month ago, but were still painting up a storm.  I have faith though, that fall will eventually turn into winter, and our outdoor painting days will be diminished. This doesn’t mean the end to outdoor painting, just fewer days in which to conduct them.

You probably won’t get to clean and stain decks, unless they are on the south side.  They will need all the sun to properly dry for stains and sealers. That’s the requirment for all painting any way. Surfaces must be dry, although remember most paints are water based. That being said if a small amount of moisture is present is must be able to dry along with the coating applied. There is a lot to paint chemistry. In the winter temperature is key since evaporation takes place better with warmer temperatures.  Chemistry to the rescue. Manufacturers have formulated paints to cure in lower temperatures (into the mid 30’s).  This low temp paint is good for painters and consumers both, since we both would like to be able to complete painting tasks all seasons. 

The bottom line is yes paint anytime.  As long as the conditions are favorable it’s not important what month it is.