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Tough economic times

In times like this, when many contractors are out of work, prices are at bargain basement levels.  Don’t be fooled though, fixed business costs haven’t changed, gas certainly isn’t any cheaper, nor is food.  The wage of course is the area that takes the hit. Times like this makes it difficult for tradesmen who are rich in experience. They compete with out of work people who may not necessarily have the experience and qualifications to complete the job professionally. 

I guess the bottom line is don’t just look at price and think that you can get it done for a lot less. Chances are if the price is way low it is because you have someone without the real experience and knowledge to complete a professional job.

Choose a qualified Company with a good history and many years of experience and enjoy years of job well done.

Surfactant bleeding

I recently asked a colleague to add a comment to my blog.  Warren is an experienced representative of a major national paint company. He chose to comment on a timely subject, that of surfactant bleeding or leaching.  Lets hear what he has to tell us. You will find his comment under “winter, to paint or not”

Thanks Warren E.

Tips for hiring a pro

Hiring someone in any construction trade can be made easier with one simple task. If you  take the time to write out what you want, preparing a bid will be easier for the contractor, and you will both benefit. 

This can be a simple itemized list showing the areas of work. For painting, list the colors for each room and any doors or millwork included. For you, the customer, you will know that all the bidders are quoting the same job.  This will be fair for the contractors since they will be on the same playing field.  For the customer, you will get firm quotes that have what you want the way you want it. You should have your colors choosen before you call for the bids. This is because the number of coats required will be determined by the new and old colors involved. Generally if there is a color difference two coats will be required, this will affect the price.  You will want to decide if you want to get the paint or have the contractor handle that.  Most contractors like to use certain paint manufacturers. They may get a better price and have some preferences about certain products, some paints do handle differently. They are the ones doing the coating and should have some input on the paint.  Ultimately you, the consumer, does have the final say.

I hope these tips will help you with your interior painting project.