While I was shopping at Costco I met Ann serving up those great samples.  We got into a conversation about organic food which turned into a discussion about mildew.  This article is for her. Most of us like that fresh painted look that we receive after the repaint.  Well, Alpha Omega Painting can help you with that.

Regular cleaning will do more than simply that. The unsightly mold and mildew that we are accustomed to in the northwest is due in part to environmental dirt.  You see the dirt is food for the mildew, so add a little moisture and they are happy campers in unwanted territory namely your siding, concrete, or wood deck.  This is why we always wash a house prior to painting, with a bleach injection to kill the mold spores.  And since they are always present in the environment the only way to keep them at bay is to wash every say couple of years. If you have a shaded lot with lots of vegatation near then annually may be for you, similarly if you have much sun and little trees and shrubs then you may go three or more years.

I would suggest that power washing after the fall leaves would be best timing. Just to get the last slime from the leaves. There shouldn’t be much build up of dirt during the winter. All the rain will keep the air cleaner, and cooler or cold temps will inhibit the growth of molds.  The other good time would be the first of summer after that burst of spring pollen. Please keep Alpha Omega Painting in mind and call any time.